Hosts Needed for First Annual Farms Open – Register by Aug. 19

Hosts Needed for First Annual Farms Open – Register by Aug. 19

The Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative in cooperation with Renfrew County

Economic Development, the National Farmers Union and the Renfrew County

Federation of Agriculture are organizing the first Farms Open event for Renfrew

County, to be held Sunday, September 18th, 2022. The intent of this one day open house

style event is to develop a stronger understanding and relationship between

urban and rural people, to showcase the advantages of local food and the art and

science of producing it. The idea is similar to Renfrew County’s Rural Ramble, but

with a fresh focus on farming and local food. Similar events to these, typically called

“Open Farm Day”, are run annually in Atlantic Canada, Alberta and in other

countries around the world.


Farms Open gives farmers and food artisans a chance to share their passion and

unique life-style with families, foodies and the rural curious, who otherwise have

few opportunities to see and experience a working farm and/or commercial food

production. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increased interest in local food

as well as demand for staycation adventures, especially those that tantalize the

taste buds and bring people closer to nature.


To sign up/ register as host site for Farms Open:

Complete the application form using the link below:

OR, if you do not have computer access:


Marshall Buchanan 613 602-5253 (text or cell)


Farms Open: Renfrew County – Overview

1. Prospective host farms must complete and submit an application for

consideration to participate in this event.

2. Host farms will be listed on a website and mapped so that visitors can choose

one or more farms that interest them and plan their day.

3. Host farms are required to take a free 2 hour Farm Host Readiness course,

August 24th. The course is to be completed on-line and will give you tips and

advice to help you create a successful experience for your visitors.

4. Host farm participation is free.

5. There will be no admission charged to the public at the participating host farms.

6. Host farms can sell products or charge a fee for specific experiences, i.e. wagon

rides, horse or pony rides, etc.

7. Host farms may invite crafters to set–up a booth for the event. Arrangements

between crafters and the host are at their own discretion and responsibility.

8. Host farms may choose to set scheduled times for activities offered at their farm

if they wish.

9. We encourage outdoor events to minimize risks for spreading COVID-19.

10. Public health requirements need to be followed as applicable, i.e. COVID-19,

food or beverage sales, serving or tastings.

11. Host farms are solely responsible for what takes place at their site and must

have a minimum of $2 million in public liability insurance in place and provide

proof of insurance.



On-site safety is a major consideration. A site plan should be drawn up to ensure

hosts plan for parking, the flow of visitors, and keeping visitors away from danger.

Other considerations to include sun or rain shelters, seating/resting areas,

washrooms and/or hand washing facilities and the appointment of an on-site

supervisor in case of an emergency.


Marketing Strategy

Once we have registered enough hosts to put on the event, we will announce the

event on various social media platforms. Teasers will be sent out sparingly

throughout the spring and summer. Hosts can post their own messaging to

promote activities at their site. The County of Renfrew has generously offered to

host a page for the event through the Taste of the Valley website.

Media Distribution

• Radio

• Print News Papers

• Website – hosted as part of the Taste of the Valley website

• Social Media: primarily Facebook & Instagram

See the Farms Open Poster here!