Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative, Inc. is a ‘not-for-profit’ co-operative, incorporated in December 2007 under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act.  Membership is $50 for consumers and $100 for producers. This is a one time, lifetime membership fee. Please view our Bylaws.


For ordering NOT using this online shopping cart, please email us to ask if there is a ‘computer buddy’ who can take your order by phone or fax.


The OVFC adds a 7% commission to the price of the product uploaded by the producer members. This commission/mark-up is incorporated into the price that consumers see on the storefront website. The price you see as a customer on the storefront, is the price you will pay.

The OVFC also subtracts 12% subtracted from producer invoices. These fees, totaling 19%, are used for operating and overhead expenses such as mileage for the delivery volunteers, the Coordinator’s part-time salary, liability and directors’ insurance, auditor fees, and ice to keep food cold in the coolers on Delivery Days, sorting hall rental, etc.

* Please note that during this Covid period, we have implemented a contactless payment process via e-transfer. If you place an order, your e-transfer payment details will be sent to you a few days prior to the delivery day.

Payment in cash or by cheque to the driver or host at your delivery depot, will be available again at a later date.

Order Pick-up

Your temporary invoice (viewable during Order Week and after ordering is closed) will have the information on pick up time and location for your pick-up spot. An email will be sent 1 or 2 days before Delivery Day to remind you of time and place to pick up your order, and a phone volunteer from your area may call with a reminder as well. 


Log in from the Producer Login link in the footer of the website

Click the ‘Products’ link in the left column and then click the product you want to edit.  For more information, see the Local Food Marketplace Producer Guide

We encourage building relationships between Ottawa Valley farmers/producers and consumers. You can email, phone or write producers directly with your feedback or concern (look for their contact info on the Producers page, producers are usually happy to receive feedback and to correct any problems. In the case of a complaint that is not satisfactorily resolved with direct communication with the producer, please contact the manager for further assistance.
If the problem is related to how the product was shipped, or there was a product missing but charged for on the invoice, please contact the Coordinator. 
Government regulations and Marketing Boards do not allow small scale ecological farmers to sell or advertise their dairy or eggs anywhere other than ‘at their farm gate’. Word of mouth is the best way to find local sources. Ask the vendors at your local Farmers’ Market or Health Food Store. Duck eggs are an exception and are available through the OVFC.
We only allow products that are grown and/or processed locally, in the case of the coffee it is locally roasted (and also Fair Trade certified, which means that the coffee farmers in southern countries are getting fairly paid for their work).