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OVFC Board Members

At our AGM on June 1, 2022, the following people were re-elected or are continuing on the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op Board of Directors: Emily Behm, Sarah Bennett, Marshall Buchanan, Cara Butler, Ashleigh Cluff, Dianne Isaacs, Connie Matthews-Cull, Joanne McManus, Perri-Rae Boell, and Chris Tanner. The OVFC thanks all the …

Covid Updates

Although we strive to keep our website up to date, the ever changing nature of the current Covid situation occasionally makes updates obsolete quickly. Please keep an eye on our email campaigns for the most up to date information. And if you have not yet signed up, please email your …

Ordering and Delivery Calendar

The Ottawa Valley Food Co-op is open for ordering for eight days each month. The ordering period usually begins the first full week of every month, with delivery to depots on the third or fourth Tuesday of each month. There are pick-up depots in 10 communities across the Upper Ottawa …