Log in at the upper right corner of any page.  When you log in during Order Week, it will first ask you to choose a location. Then click to start your order. There are two ways to select items:

  1. Browse through the product list and click “Add to Shopping Cart”.  If you wish to buy several items of an individual product, click on the “View Your Cart” button. Change the number in the Quantity box you wish to order. Then click twice on the “Update” button. You can add notes to the producer, such as “medium sized squash please” or “make this a small pig”.  To do so, click on View Your Cart, place the cursor in the box for notes and then click twice on the “update” button to the right of that product entry. Whatever remains in your basket when the order closes will be considered your order, THERE IS NO CHECK OUT FEATURE.  
  2. Browse the product lists or printed catalog and make a note of the product ID numbers of the items you want to buy. To enter those items, click ‘View Your Cart’ and you will find a box at the top of the page where you can add items, one at a time, by entering the product ID and how much or how many items you want to buy and any relevant notes. Then hit the “add this product to the order” button.
  3. To remove a product from your shopping cart, click the Remove button.
  4. You can edit your order up until the time that the Order Desk closes at the end of Order Week. The time of closing is announced at the beginning of every month, in the upper right hand corner of the website. To edit your order (add or subtract items, change quantities, add notes), log in on any page of the website. If you want to add items, you can use methods (1) or (2) above to add items, to edit quantities, or remove items, click on “View Your Cart” and make your changes. There is no need to submit your order – whatever remains in your basket when the order closes will be considered your order.

Note: the shopping cart will show a subtotal, but it will not necessarily subtotal everything you have ordered, as items with random weights (such as packages of meat or vegetables with varying weights) will not be totaled until that information is updated from the producers. Click on ‘View your In-process Invoice’ to find an estimated total, which will include a 5% surcharge which covers co-op expenses such as delivery mileage for the delivery volunteers, coordinator salary, liability insurance, ice, etc.

OVFC monthly online order & delivery system

  1. During the first week of each month, the producer members list and update products on the website
  2. Order Week is an 8-day period, usually the second week of the month, beginning on a Sunday morning and ending at 11pm on the Monday evening eight days later (eight day ordering cycle). Consumer members log in during Order Week and add products to their ‘shopping cart’. Whatever is in their ‘cart’ at the end of Order Week is their order.
  3. Producers prepare and label orders during Delivery Week after Order Week has closed.
  4. On Delivery Day (usually on the third Tuesday of the month), producers bring their orders to our sorting location at the Rankin Culture and Community Centre in Rankin. Volunteer sorters receive and sort the orders by route, town, and customer.
  5. Delivery volunteers drive the orders on each route to pick-up points in 10 towns in the Valley. Customers pick up and pay for their orders at a specified pick-up time and place, specified on their online invoice.


You can check your total owing online by logging in after ordering week closes and clicking on ‘View Your In-Process Invoice’ during Order Week, and you will be shown a copy of your invoice with your order on delivery day with the final total owed. Please pay then, when you pick up your order, by cheque or cash, before you take away your order. Cheques are preferred, cash is OK – ideally an amount that is rounded up or down to the nearest paper dollar amount (the difference will be credited or debited onto your next order). Payment Receiving volunteers will not necessarily be able to give you change. At this point we do not have an online PayPal/credit card paying option.