Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative

How to Order

Go to the OVFC Shopping Storefront

Lifetime membership to the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op is $50. And will be applied to your first order.

Log in at the upper right corner of any page.  Then choose your delivery location.  If the Order Period is open, you’ll see a box that tells you the next delivery day and the deadline for placing orders.  Click ‘Shop this Period’ to start your order.

The Products List shows all the products available for this Order Period.  In the left column, you can filter the list by Category, by Producer, or by Attributes.  Attributes are descriptions such as Organic, Dairy-free, etc.

There are two ways to select items:

  1. Click the plus sign in the grey price area below the product.  Enter or select the quantity you want and click ‘Add to Cart’.
  2. Click the product photo or name.  You’ll see a pop-up window with more information about the product, including its attributes.  Here again, you enter or select the quantity you want and click ‘Add to Cart’

As you add items to your cart, a pop-up will tell you that your order is not confirmed.  The ‘Review and Confirm Order’ button will take you to your shopping cart.

Click the Edit icon to the left of an item to change the quantity.  To remove the item, set the quantity to zero.

You must confirm your order before the Order Period closes.  If you don’t confirm the order, your items will not be ordered.

You can continue to make changes to your order until the Order Period closes.  You can even cancel the whole order.  The deadline for the current Order Period is displayed at the left end of the green bar under the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op logo.  Once this deadline passes, you cannot make further changes to your order.

A final invoice will be sent once ordering closes.  If you have ordered any products that are sold by weight, such as meat or fish, your invoice will be sent once the producer has updated the actual weight of the products you’ll receive.

OVFC monthly online order & delivery system

  1. During the first week of each month, the producer members list and update products on the website
  2. Order Week is an 8-day period, usually the second week of the month, beginning on a Sunday morning and ending at 11pm on the Monday evening eight days later (eight day ordering cycle). Consumer members log in during Order Week and add products to their ‘shopping cart’. Whatever is in their ‘cart’ at the end of Order Week is their order.
  3. Producers prepare and label orders during Delivery Week after Order Week has closed.
  4. On Delivery Day (usually on the third Tuesday of the month), producers bring their orders to our sorting location at 210 Queen St in Eganville ON. Volunteer sorters receive and sort the orders by route, town, and customer.
  5. Delivery volunteers drive the orders on each route to pick-up points in 10 towns in the Valley. Customers pick up their orders at a specified pick-up time and place, specified on their online invoice and on our Pick up locations page.


When you receive your final invoice, it will include instructions for payment.  At the current time the only option for payment is by e-transfer to  Credit card or PayPal payments are not available at this time.