Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


To provide a marketing network in the Ottawa Valley for locally grown or processed foods and other locally made products for the mutual benefit of our producer and consumer members. The activities of the co-op are governed by the core values of healthy rural communities, environmental stewardship, social justice, and vibrant local economies.


A local, sustainable food system which is economically viable for producers and provides fresh, healthy food and products to consumers.

  • Much of the food eaten in the Ottawa Valley is produced close to home on small farms using ecologically sound and humane production methods;
  • Consumers can find out how their food was produced and make choices that support sustainable production practices;
  • Farmers receive fair incomes for their work stewarding the land and providing quality food for their neighbours;
  • Local food dollars go to local producers and related businesses, stay in the valley longer and circulate several times thereby contributing to a vibrant and stable local economy;
  • Food on Ottawa Valley tables is fresh, wholesome, delicious and varies with the seasons.

The Ottawa Valley Food Cooperative contributes to this vision by making it easy for local producers and consumers to connect for the purpose of buying and selling local foods and related products. It does this by providing an internet-based marketplace and a regular ordering system. As well, the cooperative promotes local foods, seasonal eating and sustainable production practices through education, presentations, networking and special events. The OVFC aims to complement and enhance other local food marketing initiatives such as farmers’ markets and farm-gate sales. The Cooperative is part of a growing global movement to re-localize the food system for the well-being of local communities and the planet as a whole.

Guiding Principles

Farming practices follow humane production methods; Producers use ecologically sound practices; Maximize local food consumed in the Ottawa Valley; Support strong, flexible local economies; Producers receive fair prices for their food and products. Food produced locally contributes to community well being.

OVFC Strategic Plan